Some Weird Reasons For Divorce

Is A Simpler Divorce Law Good For Nigeria? - By KEHINDE ADEGBITE

When couples who are truly in love get married; they usually want it to be forever but along the line for many, one thing or the other may push them to seeking for divorce and ultimately go their separate ways. As much as it is not a strange thing to divorce, there are strange reasons that many people have given for wanting to divorce their spouses. 

Muhammed and Fathia dated for 10 years before getting married. During the period of their courtship, they were the cynosure of friends. Everybody wanted a relationship like theirs and even their parents could not wait for Muhammed to start working so that he can marry Fathia.

But after four years of marriage, they began to have issues and later separated after their third child; eight years after. The problem until today is not known by anyone as neither Muhammed nor Fathia can say exactly the reason for their separation. When asked, Muhammed says Fathia is lazy and selfish, while Fathia on the other hand says Muhammed is stingy and flirtatious. These reasons according to a family source who spoke with The Nation are too little for them to divorce. The source said families have concluded that their separation is spiritual and that with prayers they will get back together soon. For Asekhamhe and Susan, it was a lie told before marriage that led to their separation.

According to a source, who is a friend of Asekhamhe: “My friend tells too much lies. He was squatting but told Susan that the house belonged to him; he would borrow a friend’s car and tell her that the car belongs to him; after marriage she found out he didn’t own any of those things so she divorced him immediately.”

Olalekan Olayiwola, a businessman and Selimot, a teacher got separated because Selimot said she can’t cook three times a day and Olalekan had to start cooking for the family.

“My wife insisted that she can’t cook for me thrice a day. She prepares only breakfast and leaves me to sort myself for the remaining of the day. She gets back home from work around 6:00 pm everyday and her complaint ever is that she’s tired and needs to rest.

“Many times I sweat it out in the kitchen, but she’s not just bothered.”

On the other hand, Selimot said her husband was just being inconsiderate.

“I’m a teacher; I leave home early in the morning and return around 6:00 pm. Before leaving for work, I ensure his breakfast is served and when I return in the evening, though tired, I drop my bag and rush into the kitchen to prepare him dinner.

“When he started complaining that he was missing his lunch and went further to report me to his family members, I was advised to prepare him both breakfast and lunch before leaving home in the morning. “I took to this counsel and kept his lunch in a warmer, but he was still not satisfied.”

The paternity of the last child of Florence Iyanda who was married to Samuel Iyanda was the cause of their separation.

According to Samuel, he is AA and his wife is AS so her last child who is SS can’t be his child.

“My ears are full of my wife’s immoral acts and despite catching her red-handed on some occasions with her lovers, she still insists she has never been unfaithful to me.

“My genotype is AA, she is AS, but to my surprise, our last child is SS. I have asked her times without number who the father of this child is and she kept lying the boy is mine.

“My wife takes alcohol. She drinks both hot drinks and beer.  I have often warned her against this habit, but she refused to desist from it. She still drank the small bottle of hot drink before she went to bed yesterday night. This is the empty bottle.” (He brought it out as evidence).

Florence refuted her husband’s claim.

“The man he met in my room is a battery charger; his workshop is near my shop. I was sick the day my husband travelled and I went to the hospital. The battery charger saw how weak I was and helped me home. We both came in few minutes before my husband returned.

“He lied that I take alcohol. I have never tasted alcoholic drink in my life. The first time I did was yesterday night, and I did so because it was cold,” she said.

“I gave my husband the whole of my heart the day we got married. No other man has ever seen my nakedness, so the claim that I was dating another fellow or fought with a woman over her husband does not arise.

“It’s true I’m AS, my husband is AA while our last child is SS.  I don’t think it should be an issue of concern to my husband because science has proved it is possible. In fact, my sister also has a similar case.”

Lack of conjugal bliss

Kate Ude, 32 recently pleaded with a FCT High Court, Jabi to dissolve her four-year-old marriage to her husband, Michael Ude, over malfunctioning of his manhood.

She alleged that Michael’s manhood always has inconsistent erection and that anytime his manhood becomes erect, he ejaculates within a few seconds which was not expected of a real man.

She also alleged that he did not make known his health status before the consummation of their marriage which took place in Calabar, Cross River, in 2014.

In his response, Michael who also filed a cross petition to divorce the woman, denied all the allegations, when cross examined by the petitioner’s lawyer, Mr Ishaka Awaliene.

“The non-erection of my manhood is not regular, it is just that I am not always in the mood whenever she is ready.  I don’t use any enhancement drugs for sex as she alleged,” he said.

Early in the year, an online news platform published a story of how a woman filed for divorce from her husband because he talked too much and couldn’t keep any secrets to himself. “My husband has no trust in me,” she said. “Instead he shares his problems with friends and relatives who will mislead him.”

After 23 years of marriage, Bola James told an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court at Agodi, Ibadan, that her mother was aware of her extra marital affair and is seeking divorce as she is in love with another man.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Bola is seeking divorce on the grounds of joblessness and laziness on the part of her husband, Gbenga.

“My lord, my husband’s lazy habit pushed me into having an affair with another man who is assisting me to cater for my family. My mother knows about the affair.

“Gbenga lives with me in the house I built with my sweat; he is jobless and not ready to do any work. I shoulder all my family’s responsibilities.”

Responding, Gbenga pleaded with the court not to grant the request.

“My lord, I still love my wife; my love for her is still intact. Don’t grant her request for divorce. It is the current economic situation that is affecting my business and finances; I promise to find another means of livelihood,” the electronic repairer told the court.

Rasheed and Rofiat Salami went to a court to seek divorce where Rasheed stated that his wife fights like a mad dog while Rofiat said he owes her N400, 000.

Rasheed thus pleaded with the court to dissolve their union and grant him custody of their children saying he has known no peace since he got married to Rofiat eight years ago.

“My wife can fight from dawn to dusk and not get tired. She fights like a mad dog. If she’s not fighting me, she’s fighting our neighbours. After fighting me at home, she will come to my office again to fight me. I have almost lost my job,” he said.

On her part, Rokiat told the court that her husband proves to be a man by beating her every now and then.

“Few weeks ago, he beat me to a state of coma. I later reported him at Sango Police Station. He was arrested and made to write an undertaking that he would never beat me again,” she stated.

“I can’t remember when last he gave me and our children feeding allowance. His family members know about this.

“My husband has no shame; he’s fond of borrowing money from me and would never make a refund which is taking its toll on my business. He is presently owing me N400, 000 which is the sum total of all I lent him.”







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