TML Top Women: Doyin Coker, Motivating A New Generation Of Bankers

Doyin Coker

Youthful and Determined, Game-changer, Professional are just a few of the adjectives Doyin Coker personifies.

With a myriad of responsibilities as Assistant General Manager and Group Head Personal Banking at Access Bank, her outstandingly calm and confident mien, packaged  with boundless optimism is bound to impress you.

According to the latest global survey by Catalyst, a nonprofit that tracks gender parity in the workplace, the odds that a woman will participate in the labour force remains almost 30% less than they are for a man. Also, Women’s Labor Force Participation Rate has seen a decrease from 52.4% to 49.6%.

Many women though are moving against the grain, defying the odds and emerging leaders in their chosen fields. Doyin is one of them.

Doyin’s career which has spanned over almost 2 decades has inspired many women in the financial and banking sector and young people who aspire to having a career in banking.

“I did not plan the career I have today”. Doyin says. According to her, she really didn’t have a direction in life until her first job where she applied the principle of “whatever your hand finds to do, do it well”.

Being so young and attaining top executive position in her career, Doyin no doubt has a good head on her shoulders. She names seeing her direct reports grow in their own careers as her most significant achievement.

A lot of what Doyin has achieved can be traced to working conscientiously. “Approach your job like its your personal business and take actions and decisions as though you were the CEO of that little part of the organization. Do not only work but  be seen to be working; not in the eye-service type of way, but let your good work be visible and evident to all. That is the only thing that would matter. You can’t fake your way through life, only the result of your day-to-day work will speak for you” Doyin says.

The gains of teamwork cannot be overemphasized. Doyin sees it as “the best thing ever”. You can’t go it alone she says. Collaborate, partner, and be willing to share. It is the way to build positive alliances and a reputation for being a helper as you would have other people relying on your contributions for their own success.

Here are TML’s top 5 picks of Doyin’s tips for a successful career.

1. Don’t join the whine wagon: don’t be a part of the problem, rather be a part of the solution

2. Recommend innovations and new ways of doing things to your boss: Be the “go-to” guy for your colleagues. The person they can count on when they need help.

3. Study to show yourself improved: Having a Masters degree is good but keeping abreast of developments in your field and even outside your field is very crucial. According to Doyin, when you converse with customers/clients/colleagues/bosses, your depth and level of awareness will show through and they will repose confidence in you as someone who is competent
4. Be aware of new regulations and requirements: Subscribe to whatever online information source that can keep you updated on new developments.
5. Your name is your most important asset, Doyin says. Once tarnished, it can’t be repaired. Protect your reputation at all costs by avoiding any “deals” that appear juicy and associations that seek to incorporate you in anything untoward. Avoid compromise in any way, shape or form. Don’t be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed or to meet your deliverables. IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT!!! By the time the dust settles, you would wish you never got involved. No amount of promised reward is worth prematurely terminating your career and ruining your name for life.
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