Maina Gate: The Attorney General Of The Federation Is A Charlie Chaplin With Poor Grammar By Ugo Egbujo

Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami
Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami

He is an embarrassment to the Nigerian Bar. A Senior Advocate of Nigeria that cannot string together a few lines. He was there, under oath, mopping his face with his hands, wincing and telling childish lies.

His lies were written on his face. Malami has disowned the letters he signed and sent to the federal civil service commission as legal advices.

Malami has no brains and no balls.

I know the chairman of the federal civil service commission. I saw the old man curse Malami with his eyes. He was shocked Malami, the chief law officer could in broad daylight deny a string of correspondences he signed personally.

Malami wants the country to believe that the letters he wrote to the civil service commission in January were forged. In fact he has cobbled internal memos to suggest his office was still deliberating the Maina issue until October 2017

When this scandal broke, he used Obla to defend himself. Then Obla told the world that the re instatement was right. And acknowledged that the attorney General wrote the civil service commission.

Today, Malami sat in the National Assembly, under Oath, and denied Obla.

A letter written by one of assistants referred to those letters and suggested they were authentic. The committee Chairman threw the letter at him. And wondered why he didn’t take action against the staff who must have been forging his signature.

Malami told the public that he didn’t take action against the staff who wrote a letter to him acknowledging the ones sent out in January which he has now declared as forgeries. He didn’t take immediate action because he has been busy. He has asked a committee to investigate.

Haba Malami !

The committee chairman reminded Malami that his signature on the disputed letters could be tested forensically . Malami scratched his face . He was rattled. If Malami is to be believed , some persons in his office have forged letters and sent to other agencies. It came to his knowledge. He did practically nothing.

Malami must be sacked immediately.

The DSS DG came with arrogance. He said Malami sought his advice on whether to see Maina in a foreign country. He approved. But he didn’t follow up to know the outcome of the meeting. Maina resurfaced in February. And wrote him for protection. He said the request was reviewed and duly approved.

Nna eh!

The DSS is supposed to be an under cover police. But it didn’t know what all market women knew. That Maina was a wanted man. The DSS approved special protection for Maina. The DSS DG haughtily said that the Maina saga has been blown out of proportion by some agencies. He said some govt officials were manipulating the public using the media. He was obviously referring to the EFCC. He accused some agencies of failing to collaborate with others. He was tackling the EFCC.

See arrogance!

The committee chairman checked him. He wasn’t to dictate to the committee what their conclusions should be.

Maina has been telling a load of lies.

He said he has been collecting salaries. He said he collected in October. There is no record that he has collected any salaries since February 2013. The finance minister and the Accountant General said his biometric data hasn’t been captured. His name is not on the new payroll. His lawyer couldn’t produce any pay slips.

Maina obviously has delusions of grandeur. He needs psychiatric attention. There is no evidence he handed over to the EFCC assets worth 1.5 trillion.

But there is a major problem.

There are good grounds to conclude that there is a nest of thieves around Buhari. Those who love Buhari must chase away the vultures before they pick apart this government.


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