Hon Urges FGN To Implement Recommendations Of National Confabs

Sebastine Tar Hon (SAN)
Sebastine Tar Hon (SAN)

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Sebastian Hon, has asked the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, dust off reports of various National Conferences that had been organised in the country since independence and implement their recommentations.

He spoke when the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, conferred on him the Epitome of Good Leadership Award.

It will be recalled that students of Ekiti State University, Faculty of Law, honoured him with Excellent legal Personality Award, last month.

Speaking with journalists after he was conferred with the award by NANS, in Abuja, Hon noted:  “The solution to most of the economic and structural problems currently bedevilling the nation, are already embedded as recommendations in past confab reports that unfortunately have been left to gather dust in archives.”

He blamed mounting agitations for the resurrection of the defunct Biafra Republic, on failure and lack of political will by past administrations to implement already existing recommendations on how to move the nation forward.

Hon  flayed request by the Nigerian Senate for the Executive arm of government to forward outcome of the 2014 National Conference to it as a Bill.

He said: “There is need for the Federal Government to, not just look into the report of the 2014 confab,  but into all the political and constitutional conferences that we have had in this country.

“The Federal Government should dust off all these reports and revisit them. There should be political will and honesty to do this because if we continue playing the ostrich, we will continue nose-diving to levels that we will never recover. So the earlier we realise this, the better.”

He  insisted that the Senate could on its own, pick-up the last confab report, set up committees and evolve laws based on recommendations therein.

“The report contains many recommendations, so how are you going to pass that into law? What name are you going to call that law?  If the Senate had said ok, we need the resolutions of the conference to enable us to enact legislations, not just one, and to also enable us to amend the constitution to achieve what we want to achieve, that would have been more understandable.”

“Otherwise, I do not think that this general or ominubus request is good for the Senate.  In any case, the Senate too can originate a bill based on that report. So why are they waiting for the Executive to do that?   I don’t want to say that it seems to me like a blackmail. They at the Senate also know what to do.

“However, the Senate could also be seen to have good intentions. If they indeed have good intentions, they can look at the report and originate bills by themselves. Members could be picked either collectively or individually to sponsor bills based on that report.  So the Senate as the law making organ of the nation can pass these bills into law so that things will be better for us”.

Meanwhile, NANS President, Aruna Kadiri who was represented by the National Vice President, Shettima Umar, said the association had at its 75th meeting in Owerri, agreed to honour the senior lawyer owing to his unending passion for education, youth development and societal transformation.