FIDA Triennial Convention: Stay With TML For All The Details, Photos

The 36th edition of the triennial International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) International Convention, FIDACON2017 is ongoing at the Convention Centre, Grand Lucayan Resort and Spa in the City of Freeport on the beautiful island of Grand Bahama, The Bahamas.

Beginning today, The Metro Lawyer will bring you details of some defining moments at the convention so stay with us!

The convention which commenced on 13th November and will end on the 17th has been, according to delegates, a worthwhile experience so far.

The Metro Lawyer brings to you, a summary of events at the opening ceremony. Enjoy it!

The opening ceremony which took place at the Grand Lucayan Resort Freeport, in the Bahamas, commenced with a flag parade of the many countries represented at the convention including NIgeria, Kenya, Ghana, India, USA, Britain etc.

In her welcome address, FIDA International President Mrs Jethlyn A. Burrows, stated that investing in women and girls is key to advancing sustainable development. She encouraged delegates to take time out to enjoy the wonderful city of Bahamas. She also thanked FIDANS for the opportunity afforded her to serve the organization for the past 3 years.

Another welcome remark was by Ms Sarah St. George, Acting Chairman of the Grand Bahamas Port Authority Ltd. Her speech was laced with the story of her life: losing her mother at the age of 7 and being involved in a boating accident that claimed her right hand. Despite the set backs she proceeded to bag a degree in law and was also called to the English bar. She said that on the day she became a lawyer, she met “the greatest judge of the century” and “probably the greatest English judge of modern times”, Lord Denning. She sought to know his advise for her as a young lawyer. Lord Denning informed her that she cannot know more than she knew on the day of her call and that whatever legal argument she had to make must be viewed from the common sense position first before any other perspective.

Other speakers include the Hon J. Kwasi Thompson, Minister of state for Grand Bahama, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas who strongly advocated for opportunities in the Bahamas and implored delegates and their clients to take the opportunity of investing in the Bahamas. He also informed delegates that the Govermnent is reviewing its immigration policies with a view to allowing foreigners take up residence and citizenship in the Bahamas.

Also, Mr Khalil D. Parker, President Bahamas Bar Association welcomed delegates and congratulated the International President for Bringing the convention to the Bahamas. He noted that the Bahamas Bar has a committee working on issues that are of interest to FIDA nothing that the investment in education and empowerment of women and girls has been demonstrated to produce significant results in uplifting a society but economically and socially. He noted that the recent referendum in the Bahamas that failed to give equal rights to women will not dampen the resolve to champion the cause of women.

The Acting Justice of the Supreme Court of Bahamas, Justice Andrew Forbes, also welcomed delegates. Thereafter there was a cultural performance by the Bahamas youth choir and cultural troupe.

The night closed with a dinner.

Outline of sessions for November 14, 2017

Economic Empowerment of Women from the Village to the Boardroom
Topics include:
“Economic Empowerment of Women in Nashira Eco – Village. AS ustainable Colombian Reality.”
“Laws on Protecting the Rights of Women in the Workplace and Equal Pay.”
“The Impact of Female Leadership at Work; Comparative Analysis between Genders.”

<div “=””>From Birth to Adulthood – A Woman’s Health & Well-Being: An Holistic Approach in a Global Society
Topics include:
“An Approach to Sex Education for the Mentally Disabled.”
“Child Marriage”
“Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) -A UN Initiative”
“Health Empowerment: Physical, Mental and Spiritual Growth”
“The Right to Reproductive Sexual Health”

Cross section of delegates at the convention