About Us

The Metro Lawyer (TML) is a leading online portal that covers the legal arena’s most important, interesting and breaking news.

The Metro Lawyer (TML) is the go-to publication for updates on foreign and Nigeria law updates and is a must for every lawyer and even, non lawyers.

TML aims to change the face of legal journalism by presenting legal news in a softer and more appreciable manner such that the average reader and even non lawyers, enjoys reading and is able to register an informed opinion of contemporary issues.

The Metro Lawyer is published by a TML News and Media Limited. A dedicated team of seasoned lawyers, legal journalists and new media specialists who are armed with passion and expertise are behind the project.

Core Team:

Patience Ogechukwu Ochuba is a Nigerian lawyer, human rights advocate and a new media specialist. She has sound knowledge of public communication and community mobilization. Oge has worked on several projects especially with Rotary International and UNFPA.

Teyojesam Sebastine Eko is a Nigerian lawyer, legal journalist and entrepreneur. She has worked on several assignments with International agencies such as UNFPA and DFID.

Interestingly, Oge and TJ were University classmates who have again been brought together by a common interest, the legal profession.