16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: Safe Schools Are Important In Battling GBV

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: Safe Schools Are Important In Battling GBV


The state of sanitation in some Unity Schools is currently trending on Social Media. These were schools that were regarded as models in the 70s when they were established to provide a platform  to bring up youths of Nigeria in accordance with its ‘Pro Unitate’ motto. Children from within and outside Nigeria competed to attend them.

Now most of these schools and others in their league are neither exemplary academically nor are their premises fit for human habitation. There is something fundamentally wrong with this.

When human beings are reared like animals it is only natural that they will behave like animals.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) will persist unless our government lives up to its responsibility of cleaning up these schools and restoring their past glory.  At the moment, it appears only alumni of some of these schools are doing anything to maintain them. This should not be so as it is not their duty.

The same neglect is noticeable in other public schools and even universities in the country. It is baffling how our educated leaders sleep while basic infrastructure in educational institutions stagnate and decay unaccounted for!

We call on our government to increase budgetary allocation for educational institutions. It is common knowledge that many government officials send their children abroad to study. Without begrudging their rights to indulge themselves, we insist that citizens of Nigeria deserve to be treated with dignity.

Enough of the abuse. Enough of dehumanizing our children.

The adverse effects of bad sanitary conditions in school include absenteeism especially by girls during their monthly periods. It includes creating areas within schools where young boys know that many people avoid. They therefore use those spaces for cult hangouts and for drugs and raping girls etc.

It is abuse to put our children in such rundown and  unsanitary environments. We indirectly turn them to abusers by turning a blind eye. How then can we end all manner of violence and jungle justice that pervades our country today?

How dare we wonder why our youths risk their lives crossing the deserts and selling themselves into slavery? How?

Join the fight to end GBV in Education.

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