16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: Personal Space And Gender Based Violence In Education

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: Personal Space And Gender Based Violence In Education


Personal Space: the distance from another person at which one feels comfortable when talking to or being next to that other person

It is trite that culture has its effects on reasoning.

In a multi cultural nation such as Nigeria, citizens need to learn tolerance and to reserve judgment about other people’s way of life as no culture is superior to another.

However, in our educational institutions, where the minds of our young ones are moulded, teachers and school administrators must learn not to presume on what is acceptable behaviour. For instance, different cultures permit different levels of body contact. It is best not to presume that it is okay to breach personal space of others, no matter their age.

A young man recently complained he was only playing with a baby and was wrongly accused of sexually molesting the child.

Our response always, is that our society has changed from the traditional one where everyone had good intentions and would never think of abusing vulnerable members of the community.
Nowadays, fathers and mothers have been known to abuse daughters and mothers and sons! Cases of abuse are also prevalent in schools.

Personal space, bodily integrity and privacy are important to minimize Gender Based Violence. We cannot assume other people’s good intentions.

In this 16days of Activism, we call on citizens to eschew all manner of indications that perpetrators of violence could employ as a cover for abuse. This is our common duty. We must remain vigilant to root out GBV from our society, starting from our schools.

Join the fight to end GBV in Education.

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