16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM: Human Rights Day!!


Happy Human Rights Day everyone!

Indeed it is befitting, after over 2 weeks of deep reflections to be happy for Human Rights. Imagine what it would have been like if jungle justice and survival of the fittest remained the modus operandi in our world!
Imagine where all the eminent women that are daily breaking the glass ceiling would be without Human Rights!

It took many years until the UN Women was created as a full department of the United Nations, complete with it’s own board. Nigeria’s Professor Joy Ogwu was the first Chair of the Board of UN Women. Women do very well when they are free from Gender Based Violence (GVB) and discrimination.

Men too have benefitted from Human Rights. There are many things we take for granted now, because of Human Rights.

Recently, our senses were assaulted with the news of neo-slavery in Lybia, where even men were owned like cattle!
Rather than gloss over GBV, let the revulsion we jointly felt at the thought of our youths being auctioned in a failed State like Lybia, renew our resolve to be more considerate of one another.
Let that communality of intent inspire us all to check government and be interested in governance issues. Let us become more involved in social re-engineering and eschew corruption, indiscipline and discrimination in our dealings with one another. We have the benefit of Human Rights which our forebears did not. Let us act like we deserve this.
Nigeria can be better.

Ethnic sentiments, nepotism and mediocrity will become history if every person is treated as a citizen imbued with Rights that are ordained by God!

We thank you for your words of encouragement during these 16 days of activism. We look forward to deeper interactions in future.

Join the fight to end GBV in Education.

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